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Portrait Services

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Limited edition San Juan

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Limitted Edition Puerto Rico


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Sweet 16, Quinceañeros

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Slade Show


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Guestbook for All Photographs
Thanks to your images feel a great need to visit Puerto Rico :)
The lighting and the natural feel in the album wedding samples is awesome. Especially you have taken the pictures at a good timing with a perfect pose. The talent residing in you must have to be raised up so that you will reach a perfect position in this field.
9.Angel Williams(non-registered)
Hey Hector... I just wanted you to know I dropped by to check out your site. So far very nice! I'll come back when I have more time :)
8.Johanna Stoneking(non-registered)
Hi Hector, checking out the Zenfolio site. You're right. It's good!
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