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Created 18-Jul-19
Modified 19-Jul-19
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Each day the situation throughout Puerto Rico turn even more tense, especially in Old San Juan. For five consecutive days hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens residents of Puerto Rico have taken to the streets to demand the resignation of the elected governors Dr. Ricardo Rosselló Nevárez after the fact of a "Chat" which, according to experts in government affairs, presents evidence of illegal and immoral acts. The people feel highly outraged and consider this content, an insults and actions of Ricardo Rosselló abusive and for some acts of treason. The capital city has been the scene of multiple protests, but not only in the capital us evident the discontent of the poeple. Mr. Ricardo Rossello insists that it is his primary responsibility the safety and well-being of all Puerto Ricans and that that's is what he is working for and so he will remain in his position as Governor. These are clearly the expressions of a person alienated and distant from the historical reality we live in when it is evident that it is precisely his refusal to present the resignation that the people demand of him, the cause of the current situation. His arrogant attitude only puts at risk the safety and welfare of citizens as well as the police forces that he claims to be his priority. Mr. Rossello, wake up from that dream, stop being the puppet of one who believes to be the Dictator in Exile and presents your resignation. Only in this way will order, peace and security be restored in this beloved island.