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Combat many times results in injuries, wound and illnesses. Some of these wounds are not visible. Among these invisible wounds of war and extended combat exposure is the one we know as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our leaders do their best to bring our Soldiers and civilians combatants back home from the combat zone, but those are never the same they were. I remember my wife, after my last deployment to Afghanistan, telling my Commander the following, " You brought SFC Rivera back from the war and I thank you for that, but somewhere alone the line you lost my husband, he hasn't yet to come back home". Since that day my wife and I fight each day to recover that one who I ones was. These are the faces of some of my Comrades, Wounded Warrior that served the Nation and protected our freedom.
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Dr. Brown(non-registered)
If anyone knows the face of Combat Induced PTSD it is Hector Rivera. He was there and he is one of those faces. May God bless him and all like him.
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